Dental Hygienist Basingstoke

We recommend that individuals undergo routine professional cleanings and examinations regularly to best maintain the health of their teeth and gums. The interval should be individually assessed. Though an at-home oral hygiene regime is an effective means of preserving the health of the teeth, a professional, in-surgery cleaning is far more comprehensive and extensive than is possible at home. Our hygienist Sarah is fully qualified and experienced in providing high quality cleaning and provides tooth brushing instruction and all aspects of preventive care including fissure sealants.


Whilst we are experts in providing dental treatment prevention is most definitely better than cure and at Gwynne Dental we consider the prevention of problems to be paramount. If we detect a high risk of a problem developing, we will guide you through the process of minimalizing the risk. This approach often avoids treatment altogether. Early signs of tooth decay will not always mean filling the tooth. We may advise changes to diet to reduce sugar, a guide on how to clean the area better or suggest fluoride supplements.