Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox and fillers are increasingly popular techniques that when done well can produce a subtle, non surgical to make you look many years younger. At Gwynne Dental we believe in experienced, professional practitioners and are delighted to have Gaby Jackman on board carrying out these procedures. Gaby has been the deputy lead nurse at St. Michaels Hospice and is now the Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist. Alongside this she is an advanced aesthetic practitioner in Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels and skin tightening fibroblast techniques. She has an emphasis on subtle and gradual changes to slowing and reversing the anti- ageing process with Botox, fillers and chemical peels. We will always under treat our patients initially to give the most natural looking outcome to any treatments we carry out. Top ups can always be carried out. An overall assessment is carried out to ascertain what the desired outcome for each individual patient is. Our service is both professional and discrete with patient confidentiality a top priority.

The Ageing Process

Ageing is inevitable and it comes to all of us. But what does it mean in real terms to our skin and our features? Often wrinkles or lines and a loose appearance of the skin.

Some people show a few or all of these signs but by getting to know our patients and assessing their faces and lifestyles and using an holistic approach we can prescribe bespoke treatments to enhance and treat the things that bother them most.

The way you look affects the way you feel about yourself. The signs of ageing can make us appear tired and stressed.

At Gwynne Dental it’s about reviving the skin and complexion, softening out the lines and wrinkles and restoring volume and firmness, restoring youthfulness and more importantly confidence.

All of the above issues can be treated by Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (BOTOX®), Dermal Fillers (e.g. Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Voluma) and Chemical Skin Peels.


Botox Wrinkle Treatment can be used in a number of areas:

  • Glabellar (frown lines)
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead area
  • Lift mouth corners
  • Perioral line
  • Chin
  • Masseter muscles
  • Neck bands
  • Gummy smile
  • Peri oral smoker lines
  • Chemical brow lift
  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Excess Armpit Sweating)

Botox essentially relaxes a muscle for a 3 month period and will gradually wear off. At this point a new course can be administered.

Dermal filler 

Filler areas we can treat are:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial
  • Other lines upon consultation

The fillers used at Gwynne Dental are non-permanent and are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally-occurring substance found in the body, made of sugar. They help hydrate and add volume to your skin. As you age, the natural replacement of Hyaluronic Acid is reduced and therefore the moisturising and plumping effects decrease. This is when fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume start to appear. Dermal fillers can be used on the face and neck hands to revitalise and refresh the overall appearance of your skin. This treatment helps improve facial lines, acne scars and other contouring deficiencies instantly. The use of fillers can be referred to as a nonsurgical facelift, the results are very often amazing.

This is both a bespoke and discrete service, private opening by request.

Why Choose Private Dentistry and What Will it Cost?

Why would you see us Privately?

  • The dentist you choose to see every visit – our staff turn-over is very low
  • We take time with our patients, a more personal and involved service, we see only 15 or 20 patients per day
  • Highly experienced dentists with a commitment to providing complete, high level care of their patients
  • The Principal Dentist’s mobile number for out of hours advice and care
  • Clear fee structure with payment plans available
  • To be offered more choice and flexibility, but only what’s needed, what is best for the patient
  • To benefit from investment in the latest technology
  • To benefit from shorter waiting times to get an appointment – appointment available within 7 days for a dentist

What will it cost?

Our aim with all our patients is to enable them to look after their own teeth with minimal intervention from professional dental services. We closely follow the principal of minimal intervention dentistry and will only do work that is absolutely required. The emphasis is always on prevention and repairing teeth when needed in a way that lasts many years.

Once we have got our patients teeth to a healthy state with good preventative habits in place we would aim to see them just once a year for a dental check up and either once or twice a year for a hygienist appointment. We titrate patient’s risk factors for decay, gum disease and diseases of the lining of the mouth against the interval we see them.

The cost of one check up @ £48 and one hygienist appointment @ £60 – £108 for the year.

Wedding Day Smile Makeover

Considering how many times your photographer will be shouting “Smile!” at you on your wedding day, it’s only natural to want to ensure that your teeth look their absolute best. Chipped, cracked, discoloured and stained teeth are some of the most common issues we deal with prior to a bride’s wedding. There are plenty of things you can do throughout your engagement to ensure that a near-perfect smile is possible. Whether you need a few months of at-home following a careful oral hygiene routine or a full professional overhaul, Gwynne Dental can help you achieve that perfect smile. A few tips:

  1. Come in for a Consultation

Go for it and get an appointment booked in. It’s important to get the process started early, so you’re not hurrying right before the wedding. Veneers can take two to three months, and orthodontic treatments like straightening and realignment can take up to a year. Ideally give it about a year before the big day if you can.

  1. A visit to the Hygienist

The first part of brightening your smile is giving them a professional clean. This may be the only treatment you require. Our hygienist will not only give them a thorough clean but give your sound advice on how to keep them super clean at home to prevent dental problems and keep them looking great.

  1. Start Whitening

Don’t leave whitening until the last minute! The whitening process generally takes at least two to three weeks, depending on your desired results, so it’s important not to try to rush it. Our recommended whitening procedure is highly effective and long lasting and has no harmful effects o your teeth. Kits bought in the shops and over the internet have been found to cause harm to teeth and are not recommended.

  1. Maintain Your Oral Health at Home

There’s a lot to think about in the months leading up to your wedding, but treating your teeth the right way should be a priority. At Gwynne Dental we follow the best evidence based advice we can find. Using a good electric tooth brush such as a rechargeable Braun Oral B in the correct way will maintain your oral hygiene to a very good standard. Tooth brush instruction is given at all our consultations.

  1. Use a good Flouride toothpaste for prevention of decay.

Most toothpastes on the market have the recommended concentration of fluoride, 1450ppm.

  1. Keep your sugar intake low to prevent unsightly decay.

Frequency rather than amount is the key to sugar intake, keep sugary snacks and drinks to mealtimes.

How we can save your teeth this year

How we can save your teeth: why root treatment is a painless and predictable treatment option.

When a dental abscess develops the tooth sometimes has to be removed, but in many cases a root filling can save it. At Gwynne Dental we take a great deal of care to root treat teeth to the highest standard to maximise the chances of long term success. Mastering this highly technical procedure takes many years. Our dentists continually update their skills and equipment, auditing their work to ensure their work is continually improving and of a high standard. Ensuring your comfort during all procedures is paramount; but contrary to popular belief, root treatments are often completely painless. Using correct local anaesthetics, giving them time to work and checking they have worked before starting is key to a comfortable experience.

Although we are not specialists in root canal treatment all our dentists have a special interest in this area. We do not place a specialist price tag on our treatments however in a few circumstances we will advise a referral to a specialist.

This X-rays show before and after the root treatment. The abscess is the dark shadow at the tip of the root and the white line is the ‘filling’ within the root. The chances of this treatment ‘saving’ this front tooth in the long term are very high.

Pre-op endo Post-op endo

Our Christmas 2018 opening times

Christmas is here once again and to confirm, our opening hours during this period are as follows:

  • Christmas Eve; 9-1
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day closed
  • 27th, 28th and 31st 10-12 emergency cover
  • 1st Jan closed
  • 2nd Jan onwards normal working hours.

For any emergencies over the Christmas period please ring the surgery.

A very Happy Christmas to all our patients!

Let us help to improve your smile

At Gwynne Dental we love to improve your smile without causing any damage to your teeth. The technique of gluing and blending white plastic – known as ‘bonding composite’ – can be very effective and long lasting.

Typically the technique can be used to close an annoying gap, or to change the shape of the teeth.

It can often be done without any drilling or damage to the teeth, and this means no pain and no need for anaesthetic.

This is an example done by a Gwynne Dental Dentist.





So if you are not happy with your smile, why not pop in and see us for a chat?

Knocking a tooth out: what to do

Any injury to ourselves or our family is obviously upsetting. Dental injuries are very common, yet few people know what to do. Did you know that the right actions can usually save the tooth and reduce the need for dental treatment?

At Gwynne Dental we make sure we use the most up-to-date treatment to ensure the best possible outcome. We have access to resources such as which continually update guidance with the latest research.

Our patients have access to Georgina’s telephone number so out of hours you can get instant advice from an experienced dentist. During office hours we would see a trauma as soon as possible; call our reception team for immediate advice.


Sportsguards are essential prevent injury but must fit well in order to be effective. We gently take a quick impression of the teeth to create a comfortable custom sportsguard. You can choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Do you know what to do if a tooth is knocked out?

Here’s what to do to help save your tooth

Step 1: Pick the tooth up by the crown only (do not touch the root)

Step 2: Lick the tooth clean if it is dirty, or rinse it in water. DO NOT scrub it.

Step 3: Stick the tooth back in position (adult teeth only)

*** Never try to re-insert a baby tooth ***

Step 4: Bite on a handkerchief to hold it in place

Step 5: Go straight to a dentist

If it’s not possible to put the tooth back in position, put the tooth in milk and go straight to a dentist (out of hours go to A&E).

There is a great website to check out:

Broken or chipped a tooth?

Tooth fragments can be glued back into position:

img1 img2

Childrens food and drinks diary

Childrens food and drinks diary

With the summer holidays now upon us, this is a great time to ensure your children are consuming the right food and drink. This food and drinks diary will help us to offer advice on food and drink choices to help your children look after their teeth.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 10.34.11

Please download our custom diary and start monitoring your intake now from this link: Childrens Diary.

Simply fill out the diary from today and feel free to email our head dentist, Georgina to Upon doing so, she will be only to happy to offer an assessment via email.

Amalgam and mercury free dentistry

At Gwynne Dental we feel the health and appearance of your smile are important.  We always use modern white composite or ceramic materials which give beautiful long lasting results.  The old fashioned mercury amalgam fillings can be easily replaced either as part of a makeover or as and when required.  When white fillings were first invented they were not as durable as modern materials, and some dentists may still tell you that metal fillings and crowns must be used, but this is very rarely the case.  At Gwynne Dental we can ensure that all your teeth are the colour nature intended – or better!

Amalgam to Composite

Amalgam to Porcelain Onlay

Please see our updated price lists for 2018

Gwynne Dental are proud to announce our new and updated pricing for 2018. You will see enclosed the wide array of services we are able to deliver.

Please see all of our up to date price lists below:

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